EcoTec has been providing Hydroseeding and Erosion Control services throughout the Western Bay of Plenty area since 1999.

The company has expanded its operations to several areas in New Zealand including Northland, Whakatane, Rotorua and Canterbury. In 2009, EcoTec Tahiti was established and has very successfully introduced the company’s advanced technologies and systems to reduce the sediment flows into the island lagoons in French Polynesia.

EcoTec provides sediment control services and vegetation establishment to local authorities, contractors, land developers, builders, farmers and residential property owners mitigating the effects of development and construction and – “Keeping the land where it should be – out of our waterways”

Hydroseeding: Comercial, Forestry, Lawns.

Hydro-Seeding EcoTecHydroseeding involves the sprayed application of a biodegradable matrix containing seed, fertiliser, adhesives and stabilisers. It is the perfect solution for:

  • fast re-vegetation of exposed earthworks
  • stabilisation of banks and slips
  • establishment of small or large scale grassed areas – from residential lawns, to large parks and reserves.

Hydroseeding provides excellent ground coverage and a protective environment for rapid seed germination and subsequent plant growth – an environment that holds to the surface, won’t blow away, is rain resistant and minimises seed loss to birds.

Wind / Dust control:

Wind Erosion and Dust Prevention EcoTec A specially formulated stabilised matrix similar to that used for hydroseeding provides durable (but eventually bio-degradable) wind and rain protection for stockpiles and unsealed areas of fine particle materials. It is quickly sprayed on to provide immediate protection.

Land Stabilisation:

Land Stabilisation EcoTecEcoTec also uses mechanical means of erosion control, such as the fixing of permanent or bio-degradable erosion control blankets and containment netting to stablise banks and land slips prior to re-vegetation by hydro-seeding.

Silt Fencing & Sediment Retention:

Slip retention fence EcoTecOur unique Silt Fence Plow technology allows us to install sediment-containing silt fencing around earthworks in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional means of silt fencing.